Chatbot for Healthcare IBM Watson Assistant

If the information goes into wrong hands, patients may face the risk of stigmatization or even discrimination [14]. Further, patients may receive inaccurate diagnostic results and treatment suggestions raising concern about the trustworthiness of the services provider [16]. These challenges or possible unintended negative consequences may jeopardize widespread application of medical chatbots and need to […]

Examples of Conversational AI in Healthcare

We are applying the same tools and technologies to healthcare to create better experiences for all stakeholders. We’ve grown increasingly interested in technologies like Zoundream, a portable translator of newborn cries. It recognizes different subtle nuances in crying as five basic needs that caregivers can address, and this tech isn’t far away. However, the benefits […]

Natural language processing Wikipedia

Ambiguity in NLP refers to sentences and phrases that potentially have two or more possible interpretations. Our robust vetting and selection process means that only the top 15% of candidates make it to our clients projects. Today, many innovative companies are perfecting their NLP algorithms by using a managed workforce for data annotation, an […]