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They analysed how the number of decks in play affects your chances to win and how you can make the best decision based on the cards you see on the table. Professional players have worked hard to ‘solve’ the game of blackjack and find how to play each hand to get the best winning odds. Are you looking for the best blackjack strategy to maximise your winning odds when you play online?

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In Example 2, the probability of the dealer getting a hand between 18 and 21 on their next card is 40.81%. The player currently has a hard 13, so their chance of going bust on their next card is also 40.81%. When you use this blackjack strategy, you need to go back to the original bet as soon as you lose one hand. This is the best way to be in control of your money and end a gaming session in the black.


  • The ones who succeed are the ones who focus on these fundamentals.
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  • The first set covers what to do if the dealer is required to stand on a soft 17 and the second set covers the strategy if the dealer is expected to hit on a soft 17.
  • The basic strategy to win at blackjack has nothing to do with concepts like card counting or any of those tricks some ‘clever’ players adopt to beat the house.
  • When we looked at the basic strategy part of the 7 rules gave you some fundamental guidance on when to split.
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  • Blackjack is part strategy, part luck and part bankroll management.
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  • In contrast, face cards are easy to differentiate, so dealers usually give them a quick glance.
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It might not seem like much at first glance, but it can make a world of difference in the long run. If you’re a fan of traditional casinos, learning basic blackjack table gestures is a must. These allow players to clearly communicate intended actions to the dealer in a noisy environment such as a land-based casino. Only surrender a 16 versus a dealer’s 9, 10 or Ace, and a 15 versus a dealer’s 10. This is assuming you’re playing a multi-deck game and not counting cards.

We always advise that you decide on a maximum amount you would be comfortable spending before starting any game. Do not spend more in the hope of clawing back your losses. Follow them carefully, as these are as important as the best blackjack betting strategy.

As a result, it provides players with an easier way to track the cards left in the deck. Back-bettors wait for the players seated at the table to make their move, and then they follow the action. The regular player’s bet will be placed at the front of the betting box they’ve chosen, and back-bettors’ wagers will be placed behind it. The sum of those bets cannot exceed the maximum bet limit in the game. Players who like to stay on the safe side prefer to flat-bet and never give themselves a chance at bigger prizes. On the other hand, adventurists go too far and lose all their money at once.

One more card that you will get when you double down might give you blackjack or get you closer to it. Progressive betting strategies are bankroll management systems that instruct players to gradually raise their bets as the game progresses. They differ from one another in terms of when you should raise your bet and how much you should raise it. If you’re playing a 6-deck or 8-deck game, play where you can surrender. Shuffle tracking is a strategy that involves keeping track of the sequence of cards after the deck has been shuffled.

It’s not a team sport either, so you’ll do yourself a huge favor if you ignore the rest of the players at your table. Their decisions, bet sizes, and strategies should not concern you, as they won’t affect your odds of winning in the long run. Therefore, instead of worrying about what your fellow players are doing, focus on your strategy and stick to it. You’ll learn more about your performance and skills and have better chances to progress as a player.

The basic strategy chart displays the recommended move for every possible combination of player hand and dealer up-card. Learning and practicing the basic strategy is essential for any blackjack player who wants to fully enjoy the game (and increase their chances of winning). The perfect blackjack strategy charts are based on the slightly different versions of the game.

It’s a technique some advantage players use to predict the cards the croupier will deal after a shuffle. It involves watching how the cards are placed in the discard tray and then shuffled for the next round. This might seem far-fetched at first, but it’s based on real calculations. Card counting requires a lot of dedication and time, but it can be very rewarding if you persist in mastering it. Many players tend to shy away from it, thinking it’s too complicated. Playing at high-stakes blackjack tables can be really appealing, especially when you consider the prizes you can win as a result.

The table limits in blackjack vary from one casino to the next—both in land-based and online gambling casinos. The table limits usually start at a minimum of $5, while online casinos even offer hands of only $1. If the card total is 16 points or lower, the dealer will always draw another card from the deck. The dealer will continue drawing cards from the deck until the house hand has at least 17 points, or until it goes bust by going over 21. If the dealer has 17 points off the deal without an Ace, most blackjack rules say the dealer will stand, even if a 21 player has a higher total. In fact, the more people try to beat the house, the more the house will win from those who are gambling without abiding by a similarly strict set of blackjack rules.

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