Proper Document Organization is the Key to Improved Productivity

Documentation is an integral part of all businesses, but many businesses struggle with creating and managing these documents. Inefficient workflows for document creation make employees spend too much time looking for information, and could cost organizations money due to duplicated files, lost data and poor file organization.

A proper organization of documents is the key to increased productivity, and allows your employees to focus on higher-value tasks. Here are some tips on how to improve your documentation.

1. All files should be stored in a single storage location.

A common error is keeping a mix of documents on different locations, such as on individual computers, on the corporate network or in the cloud. All your files should be stored in one location to make it easier to find them, and also to avoid duplicate work. 2. Create a clear order of folders.Organizing your files in a clear organization of folders is crucial to find what you need quickly. It is helpful to separate completed work from ongoing work and categorize them according to type or project, or user. If you store all your documents together it can be difficult to locate what you require. This can help you locate the files much faster.

3. Avoid using jargons in your documentation.

Incorporating industry terminology into your documentation can cause confusion. It is unlikely that everyone in your company will be comfortable with insider lingo acronyms or abbreviations, so it’s recommended to keep your documentation as straightforward and simple as you can. Documentation that is simple to comprehend will help your engineers save time and be able to answer questions more quickly.

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