Welcome to Billion Earth

The Billion Earth is comprised of a qualified and trained team of legal experts from India, Canada, Australia, and UAE to provide transparent consultancy services.

The Billion Earth services were launched in 2016 after two years of marketing research in 2014-2016. Over the past 5 years, thousands of candidates have received various services from the Billion Earth. Today and forever, it is the candidates who approach us who are the strength of our services.
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Study Abroad Consultancy

We provide guidance for education in the developed foreign countries to the children who are approaching us for vocational study abroad. We provide services such as Admission, Visa processing, landing, and study time legal advice to all children with the help of adept career experts.


Project Management Consultant

Based in Dubai, Billion earth operates with licenses from the Govt, of Dubai for staff training, HR placement, PR reputation, etc.

IELTS Training Consultancy

Billion Earth is the official partner of IDP. In 2016 Billion Earth was the first to launch IELTS training through the Canadian Language Benchmark syllabus.

Australia Migration

Billion Earth is an organization that complies with the immigration specialists of Govt. of Australia, MARA. We provide services such as Australia Migration, settlement, and PR.

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