European countries (eg: Malta). We see a lot of fake advertisements online and on social media every year and we see the news of those who have lost millions through this. But, the fact is that again and again Indians are stuck. This is because most Indians work in the Gulf countries by giving a fixed fee for Gulf visas. Similarly, the misconception that Canadian visas can be gained through cash is one of the main reasons for this fraud.  Let us first understand how Gulf visas are obtained.

For example: If a company in Dubai needs an employee, then the company pays the prescribed fee by applying for a visa quota in the category of required workers using your company’s license with the Dubai Labour or Immigration department.  The Legal department verifies the company and grants the eligible visa if there are no errors in the documents and the company’s legal profile. After obtaining the visa quota, the company allows skilled or unskilled workers from India to be interviewed and recruited by the Indian Protector of immigration licensed agents through migration. Under that, this is the process for obtaining Job visas in Gulf. But Canada does not follow job visa processing as mentioned above.